Affordable Drain Services in Orange County

Affordable Drain Services

When addressing a plumbing concern, it is likely that your first priority is to find an affordable drain service. However, you will quickly come to realize that plumbing services are known as one of the most expensive maintenance services your home or business will require. While an average job can fall anywhere from $300 – $700, there may be a flat service fee just for a plumber coming to your property, starting at something like $100. Why are drain services so expensive? Is it really worth the investment? Are there affordable drain service options? Can you avoid or limit these costs? Let’s answer these questions right now.

Why are drain services so expensive

It’s important to understand that plumbers perform a really important job. Think about it, how often do you use your kitchen sink? Your shower? The toilet? The answer is probably several times a day. Do you enjoy the warm water provided by your water heater? Now imagine one of those fixtures stops working. While some may be able to fix a plumbing problem on their own, it really takes some solid background in the field to understand how to fix a plumbing problem correctly and how to do so quickly, because something like your toilet not working, will become a serious problem pretty fast. 

A good plumber will come with experience and knowledge under their belt that not only solves the problem at hand, but provides a lasting solution that will save you time and money in the long run. Oftentimes plumbers will perform emergency services, meaning that they are available 24/7, because let’s face it – a plumbing emergency does not make an appointment. So if a pipe bursts in your home at 2 o’clock am on a sunday, a good plumber will be ready to come and stop water from flooding your home right then and there, without waiting for the next available business day. 

While it may be tempting to skimp out on a plumbing service for something like a repeatedly clogged kitchen drain, to save money, neglecting your plumbing system or simply putting a bandaid on what could become a serious issue, a burst pipe, will cost you more money down the line. 

Affordable drain service options and limiting drain service costs

The best way to keep your drain service bill low, is to take good care of your plumbing system. Think of a plumber like you would of a dentist. You may think it’s ok to skip your teeth cleaning, thinking you do a good enough job on your own, however, neglecting your dentist appointments for too long, can result in cavities or gum disease which are not only more painful but also more costly to fix. The exact same rule applies to your plumbing system and drain services. 

However, affordable drain services are available! A regular drain cleaning with VIP Drain services costs as little as $69, but getting this service done regularly will prevent buildup that can cause your pipes to clog, go weak, leak and eventually burst, demanding that you replace them all together. Not to mention damage that a burst pipe will do to your property and its foundation. 

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Drain Service and Plumbing Scams to Lookout for

Unfortunately some individuals claiming to be professional plumbers will try to jack the price of your plumbing bill. When searching for affordable drains services, it’s a good idea to be on the lookout for these scams, to avoid unnecessary charges. 

Reluctant to show you credentials. This is a first no-no. Any respectable plumber will not have an issue with showing you their credentials and plumber license number. If they seem to avoid doing this, that’s most likely because they don’t have these credentials to begin with. 

You can check a plumber’s license number for the state of California at the Department of Consumers Affairs website.There you will be able to see if a plumber’s license is active and if they are insured. It’s a good idea to check this information, before having a plumber come to your property.

Asking for more than 10% of payment up front. This is a very common scam and doing this is actually illegal in some states. If an individual is asking you for more than 10% of their estimate or more than $1000, they’re likely to take the money and leave. 

No written quote and constantly changing estimates. A legitimate and professional plumber will be able to inspect your plumbing system and provide you with a quote on paper. A shady plumber will give you an ‘off the top of the head’ estimate that he is likely to double or even triple once you allow him to start working. 

If you’re on the search for affordable drain service solutions in Orange County, California, look no further than your professional plumbers here are VIP Sewer and Drain Services. Our staff is experienced, licensed and insured. Our estimates are free and for plumbing emergencies we are ready to assist you 24/7.

If you have any emergency plumbing need, simply call our 24 hour emergency service line