Epoxy Brush Coating for Sewer and Drain Pipes

Epoxy brush coating is a new method of restoring and rehabilitation for sewer lines and drain pipes. This pipe renovation technology is spreading fast throughout the States and for good reason! Here is what you should know about epoxy brush coating.

What is Epoxy Brush Coating

Epoxy is a chemical compound which can be used to coat and infuse various materials. This in turn provides waterproofing, strength and durability. Once the epoxy coating cures and hardens, it can be used as an adhesive or filler. 

There are different forms of epoxy, geared towards different uses and needs, however the one used for plumbing purposes, creates a coat around your pipes. This coat fills pinholes, cracks and corrosion, making this an alternative method to pipe replacement, extending the life of your current drain pipes.

How it’s applied

Before the epoxy coating is applied, your pipe is cleaned and descaled to ensure the epoxy coat will go on smoothly and stick evenly to your pipe’s walls. 

Once your pipes are ready, this method utilizes equipment which includes a set of brushes that spin around the inside of your pipe, pushing the epoxy resin out onto the pipe walls. With an attached video camera, a professional plumber can monitor the process, to make sure that an even and complete layer is applied and all the nooks and crannies are sealed. 

Pros of Epoxy Brush Coating

It’s trenchless. Epoxy brush coating can be performed without digging up your sewer line or drain pipes making it a simple, fast and practical method of pipe restoring.  

It’s adaptable. Epoxy brush coating can be used to coat an entire pipe or just a small section, depending on the problem at hand. This new method of epoxy brush coating is also able to coat any diameter of pipe, meaning it can be used on a pipe which is too small or too big for traditional lining methods. 

It’s safe to use. Epoxy coating is NSF certified meaning it complies with specific and high standards for safety, quality, sustainability or performance. It is safe to use on any types of pipes, whether it’s a sewer line, a gas pipe, an oil pipe or a drinking water pipe. It is also suitable for pipes made of concrete, PVC, fiberglass, clay, cast-iron and ductile.

It’s quick. Epoxy brush coating is a fast process which can usually be done in one day, depending on the state of your pipes. The epoxy is fast-curing so your pipes will be back in service within three to eight hours.

It’s durable. Once cured, the epoxy coat is three times as strong a s concrete and can withstand up to 10,000 PSI meaning that high pressure water will not disturb its integrity. 

Cons of Epoxy Brush Coating

It’s not suitable for all pipe problems. While this method of pipe rehabilitation will solve many plumbing related problems, it’s not a solution for all. For example, a pipe heavily damaged by tree roots, will not be restored with an epoxy coating and will need replacing. 

It’s not a DIY project. Because applying an epoxy coating is not suitable in every situation, it’s important to have a professional plumber perform an inspection and clean your pipes thoroughly before the coat is applied. Knowledge and proper training is also essential to use the necessary equipment properly, allow for appropriate curing time and verify the amount of coats required for your specific drain system. 

Epoxy brush coating is a safe and effective alternative to pipe replacement and can greatly extend the lifetime of your drain system if done properly by a professional. Our licensed and trained experts are ready to assist you with your drain needs. Call VIP Drain Service to make an appointment today and remember that for plumbing emergencies we are available 24/7. 

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