Cast Iron Sewer Pipe Repair

Cast Iron Sewer Pipe Repair

Cast Iron pipes date back to the 17th century and were once considered the most durable material to use in plumbing systems as the heavy metal could withstand very high pressure. Though deemed reliable and the only available material for plumbing up until the 1970s, cast iron pipes began to lose their popularity to plastic alternatives by the 1980s. Fast forward to today and cast iron pipes have almost entirely been replaced by PVC pipes. Homes and businesses today demand a much more flexible system calling for pipes that can be installed in smaller pieces to accommodate modern construction, something cast iron pipes for the most part do not offer. But many people do not live in modern homes and may still rely on the original cast iron pipes for their sewer needs and with the 1980s long gone, these pipes are likely requesting immediate attention. What are the options for cast iron sewer pipe repair? Let’s take a look!

Cast Iron Sewer Pipe Repair Methods

Here at VIP Sewer and Drain Services, we like to stay on top of innovative plumbing solutions that allow us to tackle the toughest problems and provide our customers with the best solutions, regardless of the materials used in your plumbing system, their age or working state. Handling cast iron sewer pipes is no different and our skilled professionals use various methods to resolve any plumbing issues in the most efficient and effective matter. 


Pipe-lining is essentially, placing a new pipe inside an old cast iron pipe. This is done by cleaning out the old pipe of any debri, rust and buildup, inserting a liner that adheres to its inner walls and saturating it with an epoxy mix that then cures and becomes your new pipe. This is most often done with no excavating and the sewer pipe can be accessed through a manhole and effectively reduce infiltration and leaks. 

Epoxy Brush Coating 

Epoxy brush coating is a new method of restoring and rehabilitation for sewer lines and drain pipes. Similarly to pipe-lining, epoxy brush coating works by applying an even coat to the inside of your walls to cover and fill any pinholes, cracks and corrosion. It is also a trenchless method, performed without digging up your sewer line or drain pipes making it a simple, fast and practical method of cast iron sewer pipe repair and restoring.  

Epoxy is a chemical compound which can be used to coat and infuse your cast iron pipes. This in turn provides waterproofing, strength and durability. This is an alternative to pipe replacement, extending the life of the lines currently in your plumbing system. Once cured, the epoxy coat is three times as strong a s concrete and can withstand up to 10,000 PSI meaning that high pressure water will not disturb its integrity. 

Sewer Line Descaling

Over time the inside walls of your sewer line become coated with a buildup of rust and  minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Cast iron pipes are more susceptible to severe scaling because their inner walls can also become coated with iron oxide. Some slight scaling can actually be considered beneficial because a coat of harmless minerals acts as a barrier against corrosion. However, iron oxide is essentially rust that does the exact opposite and causes your cast iron sewer line to deteriorate. 

Descaling is a non-invasive method of removing the dense, rusty scales that have accumulated inside cast-iron pipes over time, through the use of professional descaling equipment. This in turns improves the condition and efficiency of your cast iron sewer lines and extends their lifetime.

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is a trenchless method of completely replacing buried pipelines. It involves the bursting of the damaged sections of your old cast iron pipe in small pieces, removing them and inserting a brand new pipe in its place. All without the cost and hassle of digging. This method of cast iron sewer pipe repair is cost effective and can take as little as a few hours.

Here at VIP Sewer and Drain services, we are more than happy to advise which cast iron sewer pipe repair solution is most suitable for your specific needs. Why not ask us to view your property and discuss the various options with you now. Our advice is free, our staff trained and professionals and for plumbing emergencies we are available 24/7.

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