How to Hire a Drain Cleaning Professional?

hire a drain cleaning professional

When hiring a professional plumber, there’s a lot to consider. Your drain system is an essential part of your home and business but serious issues with your plumbing system can demand expensive solutions. So you want the peace of mind that you are getting quality service at a fair and reasonable price. Oftentimes, home and business owners alike make a big mistake when it comes to hiring a professional plumber– they wait for a major plumbing problem to come up before they decide who they will rely on to handle their plumbing needs. While a good plumber should be able to respond swiftly to an emergency call – waiting for such a situation to choose your plumber, deprives you of the time needed to do your research and make a wise decision, putting yourself in a desperate situation which ultimately leads to calling anyone who is available.

So when hiring a professional plumber, here are things you should consider. 

Only hire licensed and insured professional plumber

This is super important because every state has its own plumbing codes and requirements for plumbing jobs. A plumber who is not licensed is likely to skip important steps that could get you in plumbing and legal hot water. Any respectable plumbing professional will not have an issue with showing you their credentials and plumber license number. If they seem to avoid doing this, that’s most likely because they do not have these credentials to begin with. While insurance may not be required in the state you live in, accidents do happen and choosing a professional plumber that has liability insurance, will keep you protected and provide an ease of mind in case something goes wrong. 

Search through reviews and recommendations

There is accomplishment through many advisers – so before choosing a professional plumber, read their reviews! Websites such as Yelp allow you to not only see what past customers have to say about a given drain company but what their current available discounts or deals are, do they offer payment plans or how many years are they in business.

Be mindful of plumbing scams

Not all plumbers are created equal and when you’re facing a stressful and urgent plumbing problem you may be left vulnerable to the schemes of dishonest individuals, whose aim is to scare you and take advantage of your situation. Being aware of some common plumbing scams will help you stay vigilant and make wise decisions, to avoid getting scammed out of your money and precious time. To learn what some of these plumbing scams may look like, read our guide on plumbing scams to look out for.

Test the waters

Once you’ve narrowed down your options and found a professional plumber you may be potentially interested in hiring, schedule a regular maintenance call. This will allow you to meet your professional plumber, get a feel for their work ethic, communication skills and overall quality of service provided. Ask yourself “Are they kind and respectful to my property?” “Are they openly communicating with me about my plumbing system?” “Are they willing to discuss my problem and concerns before expecting a monetary commitment?” 

By doing so you will feel confident if the time comes to pick up the phone during a plumbing emergency. 

VIP Drain Services is proud to serve Orange County, California with over 20 years of experience in the Plumbing industry. All our technicians are licensed and experienced, ready to help you with your plumbing needs. We are a family-owned business and we care about the safety and well being of our customers and are ready to provide proof of insurance upon your request. We are committed to quality workmanship and our customer satisfaction is unmatched. We want to be your plumber for life and our trained professionals are available for your plumbing emergencies 24/7! 

If you have any emergency plumbing need, simply call our 24 hour emergency service line


•• A Message to Our Customers About COVID-19

Your family’s comfort and safety are our team’s most important focus. In our area and around the country, public health and safety is on everyone’s mind. We would like to do our part to ease any concerns you may have.
Here are some precautions that we are taking at VIP Sewer and Drain Services in order to continue to provide you with the best service:
Our employees are like family. We allow everyone ample time off work to care for themselves and their families in a time of illness. So, rest assured that we would NEVER send an ill technician to your home.

As part of our normal routine, all of our technicians wear shoe covers to keep your home clean and prevent any outside contaminants from entering your home. We are now making sure our technicians are wearing mask, and gloves before entering your home.
Our plumbers will also respect your space and keep a safe distance while working at your home or business.

When you call in, our office staff will be asking if anyone in the home has a fever, been diagnosed or had exposure to the virus. We need to know so that we can be proactive with our team’s response and level of protection.
We are giving our team members facts about COVID-19 and reminding them to follow simple, but effective steps to keep them safe such as frequent hand washing.

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