Is trenchless sewer replacement a good idea?

trenchless sewer replacement

Your sewer line has a very important job for which it does not receive enough credit. Your sewer line is the main exit lane that leads all toxic and harmful waste far away from your property and into the main city sewers. Often times a sewer line does not receive any recognition until there is a problem, and when there is a problem – it is usually a messy one. There are two methods for replacing or rehabilitating sewer lines and they vary vastly. Understanding both options will help you establish which one is the right fit for you! 

Traditional Sewer Replacement

Traditional sewer line replacement involves locating and excavating your entire sewer line. This can often take days if not weeks to complete and will disturb your property, tearing up your lawn and in some cases even interrupting traffic and not to mention, upsetting your neighbors. It involves removing all obstacles so that your plumbing professional can access your entire sewer line. This method is much more labor intensive and costs roughly $175- $250 per linear foot. 

With that said, with traditional methods, once your sewer line can be accessed, just about any type of work can be performed on your sewer line.

Trenchless Sewer Replacement

Trenchless sewer line replacement is significantly faster and more cost-effective when compared to traditional methods. Trenchless methods involve little to no digging at all and therefore can be completed in as little as one day. With a trenchless method,  additional work permits and city approval are often not required, saving you a significant amount of time. 

This minimally-invasive solution does not disturb your lawn or garden and can address sewer problems even if they’re located under a driveway or concrete slab. Not only does it require less labor, it’s less expensive altogether with an average cost of  $150-$200 per linear foot. A quicker turnaround time and a lower bill doesn’t mean the workmanship takes a hit. Not only can you expect fast and cost-effective results, but you can count on high-quality work that meets industry standards and provides permanent solutions. 

While trenchless sewer replacement provides many advantages, it is not a one size fits all solution. Trenchless sewer repair works within the existing shape of your sewer line, so if your line has collapsed, a trenchless method of repair will most likely not work. So whether or not the trenchless sewer repair method will work for you, simply depends on the current condition of your sewer line. 

Trenchless Sewer Methods

So what do trenchless methods include? There are a number of different, advanced techniques and types of trenchless sewer repair services available and each of these methods tackles a different problem. Some of these include:

Sewer and Drain Relining – Sewer relining is a trenchless method designed to repair damaged or cracked pipes, by inserting or creating an inner lining. This in turn extends the lifetime of your plumbing system and provides an alternative method to replacing the pipe entirely. It aids leaky sewer and drain lines that have been invaded by roots and corrosion.

Hydro Jetting – Hydro Jetting is the number one recommended method of sewer and drain line maintenance. It is a safe, effective, and economic method of clearing out just about any type of buildup and clog. It does two jobs in one, unclogging and thoroughly cleaning your pipe which helps tremendously in the upkeep and maintenance of your drain system. 

Pipe Bursting – Pipe bursting is a trenchless method of completely replacing buried pipelines. It entails the bursting of your old pipe into small pieces, removing them, and inserting a brand new pipe in its place. All without the cost and hassle of digging. 

Epoxy Brush Coating is a chemical compound used to create a coat around your pipes which provides waterproofing, strength, and durability. Before the epoxy coating is applied, your pipe is cleaned and descaled to ensure the epoxy coat will go on smoothly and stick evenly to your pipe’s walls. Once the epoxy coating cures and hardens, it fills pinholes, cracks, and corrosion. 

Epoxy brush coating can be used to coat an entire pipe or just a section, depending on the problem at hand. This new method of epoxy brush coating is also able to coat any diameter of the pipe, meaning it can be used on a line that is too small or too big for traditional lining methods. Once cured, the epoxy coat is three times as strong as concrete

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