Plumbing Snaking vs Hydro Jetting – What You Should Know

Plumbing Snaking vs Hydro Jetting

An occasional drain clog or obstruction in your drain pipes that causes slow drains are a common occurrence. Food, hair or too much toilet paper can easily build up and give your drain a hard time. The first thing you may reach for is a plunger to solve the problem and move on with your day. But sometimes this may not be enough. Though these small blockages are generally an easy fix, if they are left untreated or not dealt with properly, they can cause bigger problems over time. 

When facing this issue you may begin to wonder – what is the best way to unclog a drain? We’ll go over two effective methods, their pros and cons and how to decide which one is necessary to solve your problem. 

Plumbing Snakes

Plumbing snakes, often called plumbing or drain augers, are often the next tool people grab, when a plunger doesn’t do the trick. A plumbing snake is essentially a cable you extend into your drain. This cable has an auger, a drilling device, that works its way through a clog. Once you feel the resistance and push past it, you then reel the snake out to remove the clog. 


It’s affordable. Snaking is a rather easy and affordable solution to a drain clog. A drain snake can cost as low as roughly $69 and then climb up in price as you choose longer cords and more advanced engineering. 

It’s easy and gentle. Most homeowners will be able to unclog a drain with a drain snake on their own and in fairly little time. Drain snakes are gentle on your drains so this is the perfect solution for pipes that are older and more fragile


It’s limited. A drain snake will essentially poke a hole through the clog to allow water to pass through and maybe remove some of the gunk as you reel the auger out. Rarely will it completely remove the entire consistency of the blockage, making it a temporary fix. 

When should I use a drain snake?

Drain snakes are the go to for small clogs or slow drains. If your kitchen sink, bathtub or toilet show signs of a clog, using a snake drain can aid in the removal of an obstruction to allow water to pass through. However if it seems like the same drain continues to clog or worse, all of your drains at once seem to have some issue – the problem is most likely more complicated for a plumbing snake to handle.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is a trenchless and efficient method of cleaning your drain pipes. A Hydro jetter is a hose, connected to a water tank, that forces highly pressurized water into your drain system, cutting through any clog and buildup.


Highly effective. This method of drain cleaning is capable of cutting through any type of clog, big or small, leaving nothing behind. Water pressure can be adjusted appropriately for commercial plumbing systems as well as residential drains. Hydro Jetting not only clears up any clog in your drain, it cleans your pipers thoroughly from all angels. 

It’s eco-friendly and non-invasive. Hydro Jetting uses only water, no harsh chemicals that are bad for you and the environment. It requires no digging, as the hydro jetter is inserted into your drain through a clean out. 


It’s not a do it yourself project. Hydro jetting requires specialized equipment and an  inspection to ensure it won’t damage your pipes. This job should only be performed by a professional plumber with some experience under their belt.  

When should I schedule a hydro jetting service?

If you’re facing a clogged sewer line or a persistent drain issue that just keeps on recurring, hydro jetting will solve this problem. Commercial properties, such as restaurants where kitchen drains get used heavily, should make hydro jetting a part of a scheduled maintenance routine. Home owners alike, should consider adding hydro jet drain cleaning to their annual maintenance plan, to keep pipes in top shape. 

So what is the best drain cleaning method?

As we’ve mentioned above, this solely depends on the problem at hand. While many drain clogs can be quickly and easily removed with a drain snake, other jobs need a more advanced approach. If you’d like to learn more about hydro jetting, read one of our many articles on this effective drain cleaning method, in our resource library.

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