Sewer Line Repair Cost And Options – Does It Get Covered By Insurance?

sewer line repair

Your entire plumbing system leads to the same place – the sewer line, which carries waste from your home, all the way to the nearest treatment plant. The California Plumbing Code requires that your sewer lines are buried at least 12 inches into the ground which means when a sewer line becomes damaged and needs attention, it can be difficult to figure out exactly how to go about tackling this task. We’ll walk you through the steps of sewer line repair, the costs and the options that are available for you.  

Sewer Line Repair Cost 

Usually the first question that comes to mind when a sewer line needs repairing is “How much is this going to cost?” Sewer line repair in Orange County, California typically ranges from $1,200 to $5,807 depending on how severe the damage is and what caused it to begin with.

The cost to replace a sewer line completely generally costs $50 to $150 per foot and can add up to something like $25,000. A sewer line typically needs replacing every 50 – 70 years so unless you’re pipe are really old, the chances of you needing to replace your entire sewer line is the least likely scenario. 

Repair Process

The process of fixing a sewer line can be very daunting. Since the sewer line lays below your property and isn’t visible to the eye, establishing the cause of the problem cannot be done without professional assistance. Luckily, advanced technology allows for a much quicker and smoother process of fixing a sewer line than traditional methods. 

Sewer Camera Inspections

The first step in a sewer line repair is to locate the sewer line and establish the severity and cause of the problem. This can be done with a sewer line camera inspection. This technology works by inserting a flexible rod with a high-resolution video camera, that allows for the inspection of the inside of the sewer line, without digging or disturbing any property. A sewer camera inspection takes the guesswork out of the equation and allows for an accurate pinpointing of the location of the damage, through the use of radio transmitters. 


Almost all work related to fixing a sewer line requires a permit, due to the complexity and safety hazards related to this nature of work. A sewer line permit should not cost more than $200 and your professional plumbers will help you establish which permits you need and help you take care of the paperwork involved.

Repair Options

Traditional sewer repair involves major digging up of property resulting in destruction of landscape, any structures near the area, driveways and so on. This is not only a major nuisance on your home property, but may simply be impossible to accomplish on a business lot.

Luckily when it comes to your sewer line repair you do have other options to consider. 

Trenchless Pipe Replacement 

Trenchless pipe replacement is a method that accomplishes what a traditional sewer line repair method would, but without the digging and destruction of property. It is also a more eco friendly option, as it recycles existing pipes. Trenchless Pipe Replacement takes a lot less time and is more cost effective. 

Trenchless pipe replacement involves the insertion of an epoxy coated liner sleeve into the damaged pipe. The sleeve is then inflated and forms a new pipe in the damaged area. This creates a smooth and seamless “pipe within a pipe”. No digging, no hassle and no mess. 

Pipe Bursting

Pipe Bursting is another trenchless method that is used on pipes that are severely damaged. This method involves inserting a bursting head into the old pipe, which is dragged through the pipe with hydraulic power, breaking the old pipe and dragging a new one in its place. 

Sewer Line Repair Insurance Claim 

Unfortunately, Homeowners Insurance usually offers very little coverage for a broken sewer line. Regular wear and tare or natural causes such as tree roots searching for water, are not covered by Homeowners insurance. However, risks such as fire damage, vandalism or damage done by a vehicle not owned by the policyholder, is covered, but only in the boundaries of your property. 

Because sewer lines fall under the “other structure” category of your homeowners insurance, the average payout limit is 10% of your total coverage. Additional coverage is available for purchase such as a backup rider which covers water damage done to your home or separate sewer line insurance. Most sewer line insurance policies do not cover damage done by natural disasters such as earthquakes or damage due to poor maintenance. 

A damaged sewer line can cause severe flooding in your home or business so if you suspect that your sewer line is leaking or burst, call our Emergency Line where our professionals are ready to assist you 24/7. 

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