What is Sewer Cleanout Installation Cost?

sewer cleanout installation cost

A sewer cleanout is an important part of your home’s plumbing system. It is a white or black, topped cap pipe, which can be found on or near your property line, or near a sidewalk. This 3 to 6-inch in diameter pipe provides direct access to the lateral sewer line which connects your plumbing system to the municipal sewers or septic tank. If the sewer line clogs it can create a costly and dangerous problem, therefore having easy access makes addressing a sewer line clog much easier, saving you both time and money.

Older homes, built before the mid 1980s, with their original plumbing system, will most likely not have a sewer cleanout. If this is the case for your property, having one installed is something you should seriously consider. In this article we will cover what installing a sewer cleanout entails and how much it can cost. 

Sewer Cleanout Installation

There are three types of cleanouts, and the first step in the installation process is figuring out which one you need.

sewer cleanout installation costSingle Clean Out. A single cleanout is essentially one pipe that connects to your later sewer line at a 45 degree angle. Because of this when you run a snake into this type of cleanout, you are only able to access one side of the sewer line, which runs into the city line.

Double Clean Out. A double clean out, is the most common type used. This is two individual pipes, installed next to each other with the 45 degree angle connection. These connections face each other giving you access to both sides of the sewer line, the city line and your home.

Test Tee. A test tee is a single pipe connecting straight down to your sewer line at a 90 degree angle. Because of this sharp angle it can be tricky to maneuver a drain snake or water jetter into the sewer line. These are often used as wall cleanout. 

Once you have established which type of cleanout you will be installing, it’s time to pinpoint the exact location of your sewer line. There are a few ways to do so. You can contact the city and have them take a look at the infrastructure map or look for clues such as markings on the sidewalk but the best and most efficient method is to hire a professional plumber that will have the necessary equipment to flag the exact location of your sewer line. 

Once the exact location of the sewer line is flagged along your property, it’s time to excavate the portion of the sewer line where the cleanout will be installed. A professional plumber will not only be able to locate your sewer line, but also advise you on the exact location where a cleanout should be installed and dig up the line without damaging it.

Once the sewer line is exposed, the next step is to measure out the portion of the sewer line that needs to be cut out, in order to install the cleanout. It’s important to get a good fit and test it to verify that it’s waterproof and leakfree before filling in your hole and capping the clean out. 

Sewer Cleanout Installation Cost

On average sewer cleanout installation cost runs between $1,850- 3,500. This cost depends on several factors such as depths, or whether or not landscape or concrete will be removed, to create a proper workspace to access the sewer line. Though this may sound like a lot, actually having a sewer cleanout saves you money on video inspections, and difficult cabling or jetting work, required without the presence of a cleanout.

Should you decide to take care of the job yourself, you can expect to pay around $150 for the necessary pipes and roughly $500 for tools and equipment, such as a pipe cutter. If you choose to dig out your sewer line using excavating equipment, other than a shovel, you can expect to pay around $250 per day to rent such equipment out. 

Though it may seem cheaper to instal a cleanout yourself, damaging your sewer line and not properly fitting the pipes together can cause very costly damage, so taking the risk into consideration, it’s worth hiring a professional who will get the job done right the first time. Here at VIP Drain Services our trained professionals are ready to assist you in all your plumbing needs. 

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