What’s Involved in a Professional Drain Cleaning Service?

Professional Drain Cleaning Service

Clogged drains are among the top, most common plumbing problems encountered by home and business owners alike. They can quickly become quite a nuisance and even a health hazard, if not addressed correctly – or worst, not addressed at all. Although most clogs occur when food scraps, hair, dirt or forbidden items get flushed down the drain, even the naturally-occurring minerals in your water can eventually lead to a build up. Because drain clogs can lead to leaks, cracks and more serious pipe damage, getting your drains cleaned professionally on a regular basis is an important practice for an efficient and well maintained plumbing system.   

The Professional Drain Cleaning Process

The very first step of a professional drain cleaning, or really any work done on your drain system, is a camera inspection. A drain or sewer camera inspection is how a plumber gets to know the inside of your pipes, up close and personal. It’s an easy and effective method of identifying and locating any potential cracks, breaks, weak spots, offsets or separations in your drain or sewer line. It not only reveals existing and potential issues in your drains but it also provides us with the information we need to select the appropriate drain cleaning method for your plumbing system. This first and crucial step, eliminates any guess work so that any service can be completed cost effectively and efficiently. 

Once a professional plumber knows what he is up against, an informed decision can be made regarding which drain cleaning method is the best choice.

Professional Drain Cleaning Methods

Motorized Drain Augers. Plumbing augers or snakes are usually the first tool people grab when encountering a clogged drain. A motorized drain auger is a more powerful version of the snake drain you can buy at your local hardware store and what professionals may use on a drain cleaning job. The motor on this machine allows for the metal coil to drill into the clog and break it up. This is the most common and basic method of clearing out a drain obstruction, but because this motorized auger can cause damage to the drain if not used properly, it should be left to the hands of a professional.

Air Blast Drain Cleaning. High pressure air blasting is another form of clog removal. It’s less common and it is exactly what it sounds like – blasting high pressure air into your drain to push a clog through. This is usually done using an air compressor or a specialized air blaster gun. This method of drain cleaning may help with loosening small clogs however it is likely to fail if a clog is much more severe. 

Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning. We surely did save the best for life. Hydro Jetting is the top recommended and preferred method of drain cleaning. It is non-invasive and extremely efficient because the nozzle inserted into your drain or sewer line, blasts water from all angles giving your pipes a 360° powerwash. It effectively loosens sand, grease, scale and residue from the inside of your pipes and flushes them out completely. It can cut through years of hard mineral or greasy buildup and even tree roots that invaded your drains. This not only clears any clogs in your drain but aids in the prevention of another clog forming in the future by giving your pipes a thorough clean.. 

Hydro Jetting is an environmentally friendly solution, as it uses nothing but water and doesn’t rely on any harmful chemicals. It’s suitable for commercial and residential properties alike as the nozzle and water pressure can be adjusted for either a small or big job. 

Keeping your drains clean and well maintained will keep the problematic clogs at bay and your drain system working smoothly. Neglecting your drain and ignoring clogs can quickly create more serious and expensive problems down the line. If you’re unsure about your drains current state or need to schedule a maintenance call, contact your plumbing professionals at VIP Sewer and Drain services, serving all of Orange County, Long Beach, Los Angeles, South Bay and more!

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