How Much Does Hydro Jetting Cost?

hydro jetting cost

You’ve heard us talk about hydro jetting sewer lines, the benefits of hydro jetting and the best time for a hydro jetting service. While we’ve established that hydro jetting is the preferred method of professional drain cleaning for it’s efficiency, it’s time to answer the big question home and business owners alike are asking – how much does hydro jetting cost? 

While prices will vary between plumbing companies, your location and the severity of the problem, here’s a breakdown of the price you can expect to be quoted, by your plumbing professionals at VIP Drain and Sewer Services, right here in Orange County. 

It’s important to note that an additional factor that will affect the price for a hydro jetting service, is the access to a cleanout. A cleanout provides direct access to the lateral sewer line which connects your plumbing system to the municipal sewers or septic tank. Having a cleanout  will save you both time and money when sewer or drain problems arise and if your property does not have one installed, we highly recommend doing so.

Hydro Jetting Cost through the Kitchen Drain 

With cleanout: $269.00
Without cleanout: $369.00

This service includes hydro jetting your kitchen drain through an outside cleanout access, for drain length of up to 75 feet and a camera inspection during the cleaning process to ensure the line is clear of any grease, sludge, and debris. 

Additional costs for hydro jetting apply when an outside cleanout is not present and this service has to be performed by accessing the drain from underneath your sink. 

Sewer Line Hydro Jetting Cost

Cleanout is mandatory: $399.99
Additional charges may be added if roof access is needed.

This service includes low to higher pressure cleaning of the inner walls of all drains from 1.5” – 6” pipes. Suitable for both residential and commercial properties. 

We especially recommend this service as a regular part of plumbing maintenance for commercial establishments such as restaurants or hotels, which typically require frequent high-pressure water jetting to clean and maintain drains that are constantly exposed to many types and large amounts of wastes.

Hydro Jetting Cost for Storm and Outside Drains

One hour of cleaning: $299.00
Additional hours: $189.00 each

This service includes Hydro Jetting the outside drains using the access points at the curb or street and also using the access points alongside the side and back of the home.

If additional problem areas are found, a free camera inspection and consultation is included to pinpoint the location of any blockages and best options to permanently resolve the issue. 

Additional Notes

While a hydro jetting service is an efficient and thorough solution to severe clogs and blockages in your drain and sewer, fall time is the most ideal time to schedule a hydro jetting service as a proactive measure to keep your drains working properly. This helps prepare your plumbing system for the cold winter months and clear your drains from dried up leaves, salt and sand can easily make their way into your drain system during the fall season. 

It’s also important to note that Hydro Jetting can damage your pipes if the water pressure (PSI) is set too high and if your pipes are old, fragile or weak. For this reason hydro jetting services should only be performed by a trained professional with the proper equipment and experience using it. 

Here at VIP Sewer and Drain services we take pride in specializing in all aspects of your plumbing for commercial, residential and multi-family housing. We are a family-owned and operated company with over 25 years of experience in the plumbing industry and for plumbing emergencies we are available 24/7. 

If you have any emergency plumbing need, simply call our 24 hour emergency service line


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