30 Oct. 19

Lori M.

Thank you to VIP for multiple jobs well done. This is not a “blow and go” service – it’s a plumbing company run well and staffed with well-trained knowledgeable technicians in the field.
Customer service? Absolutely! The owner actually answers the phone! Integrity? Definitely! I was shown every issue they found, was given detailed information and possible solutions, then I was given pointers on how to prevent problems from occurring in the future. I was even charged less than the original quote. Cleanliness? Yep! That was evident from the moment Alvino and Jesus arrived and began to put coverings over their shoes before stepping foot in my door. Job completion? Positively! Alvino and Jesus were thorough and took their time making sure each step was completed before moving on to the next even though I was the last job of the day.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. VIP has earned each star given and another repeat customer.